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It’s farewell to Kuda’s Gwen

Kuda Insurance’s popular Gwen MacGregor (bottom left) is moving on. in this letter bids an emotional fare-well to the company she joined in 2011.

To say that Kuda has changed my life would be an understatement to say the very least! Wehann Smith, Kuda and all it stands for have literally saved and changed my life in more ways than I can mention. My colleagues at Kuda have become my family with whom I have shared the good, the bad, the worst and the best Of days. We have shared our lives, trials and tribulations, we have watched each other’s children grow up, we have laughed, cried and become part of each other’s lives in so many ways. Thank you to each and every one of you beautiful human beings who have touched my life and made a difference, you are a super special bunch of people who will be in my heart and hopefully my life forever!

Together we have built not only a successful thriving business , but also friendships and relationships to last a life time! It has been both an honour and an extreme privilege to be associated with so many awesome people. My clients have become dear friends with whom I have shared countless happy, and a few sad moments. As we know this industry boasts extreme highs and on the contrary packs a punch with its devastating lows and disappointments, but I am happy to say that the highs have certainly always outweighed the lows on all accounts.

Thank you Wehann and Kuda for all that you have enabled me to aspire to and achieve, I will be eternally grateful. I wish Wehann and Kuda all the success in the world, as I’ve always told him…we will see Kuda’s name in lights! Farewell…not goodbye.